How long does it take?

Due to the custom nature of creating your one-of-a-kind Delux Grillz, exact time frames cannot be determined. Typically, once we receive your usable mold, it will take approximately 7 days to be completed and shipped back out to you. More complex orders, such as Grillz with diamonds, engravings, etc. may take longer. We do our best to get your Delux Grillz as quickly as possible without sacrificing top quality!

How do I take my mold?

Taking your own mold is a very simple process that usually takes just a few minutes. With a purchase of your Mold Kit, we include detailed instructions that are easy to follow and enable you to take an accurate impression of your teeth. There are also many videos on Youtube on the topic and if ever you run in to difficulty, you can always contact us and we can walk you through the process.

What about refunds?

Unfortunately, due to the custom nature of our work, refunds are not available on our Delux Grillz. The only time a refund may be processed, would be if an order was placed in error, or any time prior to a mold kit being shipped out. If you have questions regarding our refund policy, please contact us!

Can I change plans or cancel anytime?

We understand that you may want to change your design or add something after your initial order has been placed. To accommodate this, we ask that you contact us directly to speak with a Delux Grillz associate who can assist you with updating your order. Cancellations are only offered if an order was placed in error or before a mold kit is sent out.

Do you make custom jewelry?

Yes! At Delux Grillz, we are Jewelry Experts with over 17 years of experience. Please contact us directly to speak with an associate who can guide you through our custom jewelry creation process!



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